Marcus Zuhr is an award nominated composer who has scored films and games such as HOPE (CBC), THE KILLING STRAIN (NBC), HELLBOUND? (CBC, Netflix), PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN ONLINE (Disney), THE DARK MOD, and ADERYN’S CRADLE (Mojo Game Studios)  He has a wide range of professional composing experience with works spanning traditional orchestral music for films and video games, to electronic dance music pieces released on multiple British record labels.

Marcus’ debut score was for HOPE, directed by Thomas Buchan and produced by the National Film Board of Canada and CBC. The film was nominated for multiple awards, and Marcus went on to take a Leo for Best Score. Afterwards, Zuhr began scoring everything from feature films and documentaries to video games and advertisements. His epic, romanticist style of composing found a home in NBC’s horror film THE KILLING STRAIN (directed by Daniel Maldonado), for which he garnered his first nomination for “Best Score” from the L.A. Screamfest Film Festival. In BATTLE OF THE BAGPIPES (Thomas Buchan), Marcus’ score stylistically departed from the previous The Killing Strain, and created a nuanced, coy score. Following this was the funky THE COCKUMENTARY score, an epic orchestral score for THE ATTIC (Winner of Best Experimental Film at NYCIFF), and a “Chopin” style piano score for BREAKING THE ACTOR. In 2012, Marcus scored his first worldwide theatrical release, HELLBOUND? by Kevin Miller. Zuhr’s score for Hellbound? was widely lauded for its dark, neo-classical nature, dissonance, and evolving palette of color.

Marcus’ games repertoire includes PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN ONLINE (Disney) and THE GHOST WHISPERER (Legacy Interactive), ADERYN’S CRADLE (Mojo Game Studios), and PC Gamer’s game of the year THE DARK MOD. Marcus has also scored for a myriad of independent games for PC and mobile.

Zuhr’s advertising clientele include Gap, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Royal Bank of Canada, The Canadian Football League (CFL), Global Zero (, Simon Fraser University, United Way, Best Buy/Future Shop, and TAXI Advertising, Zink Media, and Sulon Cortex.

Marcus’ has also had label releases collaborating with world renowned Justin Moreh of the Shiloh brothers, under Baroque Records. Together their electronic dance/disco infused music has seen radio play worldwide.

Marcus Zuhr lives in Vancouver, BC, and is represented by the Max Steiner Agency in Hollywood.