One year after performing the work, Marcus can finally announce his work for Intel’s prototype game, “Rainy Night”.

Hear an arrangement of the work here:

I am happy to announce that I’m composing for Grimoire, a MOBA/FPS for PC!

The game is currently playable, ridiculously fun, and gaining funding via Kickstarter.

Check it out here:


To follow up on Cradle’s current Kickstarter efforts, follow this link:

I have been waiting a very long time to make this announcement. Sometime in October, 2012, I was approached by an old friend of mine Benjamin Boesel, alongside a newly formed studio called Mojo Game Studios to compose the score for a game called Cradle. Initially, I had planned on turning the gig down, but 15 minutes in seeing the pre-alpha material and speaking with CEO/Producer Hank Zwally, I realized this would be a once in a lifetime experience and opportunity. I took the gig, and have been composing ever since.Here we are, one year later, with the fully licensed Cryengine, and we’re rocking it. It’s been an unbelievable year of music discovery and friendships. Here’s to many more. Please consider backing Cradle on our newly minted Kickstarter. If you can’t back it, please consider sharing it!

Developed by Red Astroid Games, Marcus Zuhr has composed the music for turn based strategy game “Battle Mines”.

Play for yourself at!

Official Hellbound? Store

“Hellbound?” store has officially opened!

“Hellbound?” is also available for pre-order on iTunes. Documentary Channel air date for the 52-minute version of Hellbound? has been confirmed for June 11th at 21:00 ET/22:00 PT. This broadcast will only be available in Canada. However, we have also sold broadcast licenses to the Danish Broadcasting Corporation and RTV Slovenija so far.

Check out CBC Documentary here!

Marcus Zuhr is currently scoring some secret projects that have yet to be announced… Announcements coming soon!

Marcus Zuhr’s releases his string orchestra score for Hellbound?. Available now on Marcus Zuhr - Hellbound?, Amazon, Rhapsody, Google Play, and Zune.

Listen to a sample track here.

Watch “Hellbound?” in select theaters this September!

Watch the theatrical trailer here: