Last winter I had the opportunity to produce, co-direct, and compose for a cunning edge cannabis company, Rarest Cannabis.

Ad spots coming soon! Until then here are some stills.

Photography by the amazing Thomas Buchan, and BHS by the equally amazing Garnet Campbell.

Getting the shot:

The shot:

One of the latest pieces I’ve done. Thanks to JR Lopez and Imagine-ere Studios for trusting me with this project

Evolve Branding from Imagin•ere Studios on Vimeo.

The Zuhr bros have banded together to remix one of the best, and oft forgotten soundtracks of GBA’s heyday, Iridion II.

Very special thanks to Shin’en Multimedia for this gem. Support the official release at

Entire album available here:

I recently was contracted to score, mix, and master a project for a a cyber security firm called Shadow Dragon. Andrew Schultz at One14 Productions produced and directed this incredibly slick video.

Working on ad spots does not have to be boring, and I had a lot of fun “going crazy” with the score.




My good friend Broderick Gunning hired Skylar Zerr and I to direct, edit, and score this ad. It’s a proof of concept piece, using only smartphones and the DreamGrip system to film. It was quite fulfilling to at last get behind the director’s seat!

Visit for more on DG.

A pretty cool advertisement I was privy to score.

Special thanks to Thomas Buchan, Anthem Properties, and Beedle Living for making this possible!

I’m very proud to have licensed music to The Late Late Show with James Corden!

Thanks James!

latelateshow james corden

Here is a project I am very proud to have been a part of. DeliverFund is a non profit, private intelligence agency targeting human traffickers, and human trafficking networks.

Please visit for more info.

DeliverFund from ONE14 productions on Vimeo.

I’m happy to announce I’ve scored the upcoming documentary by Mark Mathis, “Fractured”.

Feel free to listen to the opening track below.

Visit the FB here!

Grimoire: Manastorm has been released on Steam’s early access! Click the widget below for more info.