Hello everyone,

I am currently booking meetings for PAX Prime 2012! So if you are on this website looking at this post, I would love to meet with you!
Please send an email with the subject “Meeting” if you would like to set something up.


Having previously worked with director/writer Daniel Malenado on the award winning “A Killing Strain” (premiering on NBC’s Killer Chiller channel), Marcus once again teams up and scores “The Journalist”.

Shot on the Red Scarlet-x, The Journalist is as beautiful as it is prolific. Take 15 minutes from you day, and honor those whom give their life for the truth!


A Killing Strain Premiers on NBC

A Killing Strain is premiering on NBC’s Chiller channel TONIGHT! For your dose of post modernist/post romanticist  extreme orchestra music (and of course zombie action), see  http://www.chillertv.com/movies/a_killing_strain for more details!


Marcus scores Mister Forgettable trailer

Marcus recently scored the trailer for the independent film Mister Forgettable by Point Blank Creative.
See below to watch!


Marcus to score The Cockumentary

Marcus is teaming up with award winning directors Thomas Buchan and Brent Hodge to score the upcoming documentary The Cockumentary.

The Cockumentary is an experimental documentary that tells the story of one intrepid Canadian who travels to Mexico to explore the dark art of cockfighting but discovers the spirit behind the sport.
See the facebook wall for constant updates on the film.


Marcus Zuhr to compose for “Chrome Sagas”

Marcus Zuhr has teamed with Cybernetic Connections to compose for both the console and PC version’s of their debut title, Chrome Sagas.

“We are proud to announce that we have teamed with Marcus Zuhr to compose the score for both of our games, the Console/PC version and the MMO. Welcome to the team Marcus, I know this is going to be incredible.
Jim Robbins – CEO / Owner
Cybernetic Connections, LLC”

Please see www.cyberneticconnection.com for more information.


Marcus to score “Hellbound?”

From the creator of feature-length documentary projects including spOILed, Sex + Money, Monumental, With God On Our Side and Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, comes the feature length documentary Hellbound?. Marcus has signed to score upcoming feature length documentary.

Please see http://www.hellboundthemovie.com for more information on the team and the film.

Hellbound? is currently slated for a spring 2012 theatrical release.


Marcus scores The Ghost Whisperer

In the style of Mark Snow (X-files,  the Ghost Whisperer), Marcus has scored the theme for The Ghost Whisperer video game. Based off of the hit TV series starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, The Ghost Whisperer is slated for a PC/Mac release.


Marcus Zuhr’s music in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Online

The Pirates of the Caribbean Online, a free to play MMO developed and published by Disney, now features new music from Marcus Zuhr.


A blog from Marcus

Hi everyone,
I thought I would take a minute to internet-highfive my new friends at Pro Audio Star (www.proaudiostar.com). They recently shipped me some new Focusrite gear at unbelievable prices and shipping. I couldn’t be happier really. Next time you fellow composers need new gear (which you always do, I know), be sure to check them out!