A Note from Marcus: PAX West anybody?

Hello everyone!

I will be attending PAX West this Sept. Thing is, I’m pretty big on these conferences… if it isn’t informative/educational, it’s at least ridiculously fun. That, and I always look forward to meeting with friends old and new,  since these conferences serve as a “hub” for developers/like minded people.

If anyone is interested it meeting up with me this coming PAX West, please feel free to email me!



Marcus to score SFU/CBC documentary, “Battle of the Bagpipes”

Marcus recently signed to score the upcoming SFU/CBC documentary, “Battle of the Bagpipes”. Scheduled airtime is this coming July, so stay tuned!


Marcus to score children’s series

Marcus recently signed to score a children’s series. Name and date TBA.


Marcus to score upcoming multiplatform video game

Marcus has signed to score an upcoming FPS slated for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. The developer is very tight-lipped on the details thus far, but word has it involves dinosaurs in the future.

An official announcement is pending soon!


The Killing Strain Score

New music from the upcoming film, “The Killing Strain” has been added to www.marcuszuhr.com.

The Killing Strain’s score resembles something technical, sporadic and and panicked. An embodiment of squirming zombie terror. Not something unlike that of the sonic insanity of “Dead Space”, with perhaps a touch of neo-romanticism in between the cracks.


GDC 2010: a note from Marcus

I just want to say HELLO to all my friends, old and new, from GDC 2010! It was a fantastic time as usual, and I look forward to partying working with the many of you this year and the next!

If you want to drop me a line and haven’t yet, please do so!

Marcus Zuhr


Marcus Zuhr Signed to score The Killing Strain

Involving everyone’s favorite subject: zombie infections!

Music coming soon.


Marcus scores adverts for Gap

Marcus Zuhr scores new Gap inc. advertisements with Justin Moreh. The campaign is set to air later this year.


Marcus to score video game, “Orion”

Marcus Zuhr is to score the 7 year anticipated game “Orion”. Orion is a fps featured on the source engine, featuring before un-thought of open environments, dinosaurs, and of course a post apocalyptic story. Orion has been featured recently in BGamer magazine, Podcast 17, as well as other publications.

See for yourself at www.orion-project.net


Marcus to work on The Dark Mod (TDM)

Marcus has finished a sizable amount of sound design for the much anticipated “The Dark Mod”, a stealth game taking after the original “Thief” series. His work includes foley, voice over production and recording, and all voice talent casting. Go see for yourself at www.thedarkmod.com