Marcus to score video game, “Orion”

Marcus Zuhr is to score the 7 year anticipated game “Orion”. Orion is a fps featured on the source engine, featuring before un-thought of open environments, dinosaurs, and of course a post apocalyptic story. Orion has been featured recently in BGamer magazine, Podcast 17, as well as other publications.

See for yourself at www.orion-project.net


Marcus to work on The Dark Mod (TDM)

Marcus has finished a sizable amount of sound design for the much anticipated “The Dark Mod”, a stealth game taking after the original “Thief” series. His work includes foley, voice over production and recording, and all voice talent casting. Go see for yourself at www.thedarkmod.com



Welcome to www.marcuszuhr.com, the official website of Marcus Zuhr’s music production and composition!