I’m happy to announce I’ve scored the upcoming documentary by Mark Mathis, “Fractured”.

Feel free to listen to the opening track below.

Visit the FB here!

Official Hellbound? Store

“Hellbound?” store has officially opened!

“Hellbound?” is also available for pre-order on iTunes.

Having previously worked with director/writer Daniel Malenado on the award winning “A Killing Strain” (premiering on NBC’s Killer Chiller channel), Marcus once again teams up and scores “The Journalist”.

Shot on the Red Scarlet-x, The Journalist is as beautiful as it is prolific. Take 15 minutes from you day, and honor those whom give their life for the truth!


A Killing Strain Premiers on NBC

A Killing Strain is premiering on NBC’s Chiller channel TONIGHT! For your dose of post modernist/post romanticist  extreme orchestra music (and of course zombie action), see for more details!


Marcus to score video game, “Orion”

Marcus Zuhr is to score the 7 year anticipated game “Orion”. Orion is a fps featured on the source engine, featuring before un-thought of open environments, dinosaurs, and of course a post apocalyptic story. Orion has been featured recently in BGamer magazine, Podcast 17, as well as other publications.

See for yourself at